#itsGlobal special guest – Van Sohl

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Tuesday 01. 03. 2016
”It’s Global” Dj Nasty deluxe on www.confettidigital.com UK / London
Guest Dj Van Sohl / Synonym Records Germany
(Music Hall/Frankfurt, Music Hall/Berlin, Traumfabrik, Traumland, Da-Jam,
Subways, Zabou/Alsfeld, Beatkurve Fulda, Jall/Zürich, Streetparade/Zürich,
Punda Arbi/Ibizza, Lovetrain).

In between he worked still at the Planet X Rec and as support DJ for Sven Väth , DJ Dag Hardfloorr, ATA, Chris Liebing
Pascal F.E.O.S, Hooligan ( Da Hool )and many more…

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